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Podium Assessments

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A broad-range occupational personality inventory based on modern neuroscientific and psychometric models of personality.

General Reasoning

A measure of general mental ability comprised of 60 items under verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning categories.

Dark Side

A measure of a person’s least flattering personality characteristics - the ones that emerge under pressure. Commonly referred to as ‘the dark side’.

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Critical reasoning

A measure of the ability to analyse information derived from different sources and draw logical conclusions which can be defended and justified.


Used to assess a variety of managerial dimensions including social skill, conflict resolution style, or leadership capability.

Career Guidance

A career-interest profile based on one of the most widely accepted models of career themes today: the Holland model.

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Well-being and engagement

Measures eight scales related to personal and work adjustment, and potential determinants of adjustment specific to remote working.

Life Goals

Draws from a wide variety of psychological approaches to provide personalised and job-relevant information around one's life goals.

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