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EFPA BPS Verified Training

Introducing you to the science of psychology to understand the importance of the individual differences that describe us all.

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EFPA BPS Verified Training

Occupational Assessments (often called psychometric tests) are carefully designed and powerful tools. They provide objective assessments of psychological attributes that are meaningful for work performance. Using tests to inform people related strategies and decisions can significantly enhance individual, team and organisational performance.

But those benefits can only be achieved if tests are used competently. Choosing the right tool with the right properties for the right job is as important in test use as in any trade. As is the use of those tools effectively, professionally, and ethically. As responsible test providers, we at Podium want to ensure our test users have the competence to do that well.

For those with no prior test user qualification or experience, we can offer a range of accessible and achievable training options.

Training Options

  • Podium Access Training
  • EFPA Level 1 - Assistant Test User Training (ATU)
  • EFPA Level 2 - Occupational Test User: Ability Previously known as Level A
  • EFPA Level 2 - Occupational Test User: Personality Previously known as Level B
Woman completing the podium Access Course on a laptop at home.

The Podium Access Course can enable full access for those with no previous test use experience to all Podium assessments and system with just 6 hours of quality video animated e-Learning. This course can also qualify you for the EFPA Level 1 (Assistant Test User) Certificate and can also be used as the foundation module for our verified Test User (Ability and Personality) Certification (previously called BPS Level A & B) training.

Podium Access Course (PAC)

The PAC takes you on a learning journey. From introducing you to the science of psychology that sits behind testing we’ll help you understand the importance of the individual differences in psychological attributes that describe us all.

We’ll help you understand how to choose which test to use, options for delivering that test to test takers and how to understand and use the results effectively. We’ll establish an ethical framework to ensure your test practice is fair and inclusive.

The PAC is available entirely via e-learning or with taught options for maximum flexibility and accessibility.

Course Structure

Module 1 Introduction to Podium e-learning
Module 2 Introduction to psychometrics
Module 3 Podium assessments
Module 4 Choosing tests
Module 5 Test administration
Module 6 Understanding test results
Module 7 Podium Ability tests and reports
Module 8 Podium Personality Assessments and reports
Module 9 Appropriate use of computer reports
Module 10 Communicating feedback - ability results
Module 11 Communicating feedback - personality results
Module 12 Professional and ethical responsibilities
Module 13* Test Scoring and Additional Standardised Scores
* required only if you wish to complete BPS / EFPA Certification. The EFPA Level 1 Assistant Test User (ATU) Certificate can be obtained as a PAC Graduate.

Podium Training Courses

Contact us to find out more about the EFPA Verified Podium training courses:

(+44) 0203 488 1599

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Professional Test User Training Certificates

Introduced well over 25 years ago, the Certificates of Competence in Occupational Test Use, originally known as BPS Level A & B, have become the recognised "gold standard" for test user training.

Open to and accessible by professionals from a wide range of people related disciplines, from HR, Learning and Development to Coaching, Guidance and Career Counselling, those Level A and B Qualifications are now known as the EFPA (Level 2) Occupational Test User Certificates, Test User Ability (TUA) and Test User Personality (TUP).

Because our Verified Assessor has over 20 years’ experience in delivering this training globally, Podium can help you achieve both Test User Ability (TUA) and Test Personality (TUP) quickly and efficiently whilst building real knowledge and true competence applicable to today’s practical use of tests.

The PAC described above acts as the foundation module for the TUA and TUP Certificates. Thereafter, we have a range of flexible training delivery options to meet your needs as an individual or across your organisation.

We can offer TUA and TUP entirely virtually through our blended learning option. You can start at any time as an individual learner or we can offer a course to a cohort of learners from your organisation who study and are supported together. This Virtual Course gives access via our LMS to 6 modules, divided into 12 e-Learning Units culminating in a practical exercise to demonstrate competence. You will be supported in completing worksheets which capture your knowledge and competence to provide the evidence needed for Certification. With each Unit lasting between 20 and 30 minutes, and the final exercise being achievable immediately, there are no delays to your success and certification. Tutor support is offered via web meeting workshops to answer your questions or provide support you need. The LMS also provides a messaging facility to maintain contact with your tutor throughout.

We also offer fully taught traditional classroom-based options. A three-day workshop builds upon the PAC foundations to extend the learning gained there to the level required for Level 2 (TUA / TUP) Certification. A unique point of differentiation for Podium Training is that course graduates can be eligible for certification immediately on completion of Day 3 without the need for extensive self-study or post course projects delaying qualification. Podium training efficiently incorporates all the support you need to develop and demonstrate the competence necessary during the workshops themselves. Being efficiently designed, Podium Training is consequently highly competitively priced.

Contact us for an informal and no obligation discussion with our Verified Assessor should you wish to know more.

Course Structures

Podium Access Course (PAC)

12 e-learning Modules (approx. 6 hours) qualifying you for access to all Podium Assessments and Systems


As PAC plus 1 additional 20-minute module qualifying you for EFPA Level 1 (Assistant Test User Certificate)

Note: EFPA PAC is an essential prerequisite for Level 2 below

Profession Test User Training: EFPA BPS Level 2 TUA TUP Virtual Course 6 Modules delivered through 12 e-Learning Units and a practical exercise conferring TUA and TUP Certificates
EFPA BPS Training Courses

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