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smart recruitment solutions

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Delivering a Robust, Tailored Workplace Assessment Experience

Smart recruitment solutions

Science, Technology and Psychology

We build authentic psychometric assessments based on the latest scientific research that benefit organisations and their employees and deliver real results.

If you need to assess staff for recruitment or development, we can help. We provide robust, modern workplace assessments through an immersive online experience that is tailored to your organisation and its needs.

Our core psychometric assessments are based on best-of-breed, modern scientific models of behaviour that are deeply rooted in over 100 years of research that includes the latest scientific relationships between cognitive functions of the brain and behaviour. Using up-to-the-minute technology, we deliver assessments in a way that showcases your organisation’s brand and values, customised to your specific assessment scenario.

Human brain graphic - science, technology and psychology

Putting Your Organisation Front and Centre

Through research and experience in organisational psychology, we have developed recruiting solutions that help streamline onboarding, support employee development and improve organisational culture.

Podium’s assessment experience is built around your organisation’s DNA, and uses best-of-breed assessments with real scientific integrity to help find and develop people who are aligned to what your organisation is all about.

Committed to Raising the Standards and Experience of Workplace Assessments

As an international team of seasoned organisational psychologists and technologists, we’ve decided to raise the bar. Robust, best-of-breed assessments are the foundation. Then we embed those assessments in a deeper organisational context.

We wrap them up in a package that lets people engage with your organisation’s brand and learn about its culture. We keep them short, snappy and looking great to keep people engaged. We adapt them to your organisation’s specific needs.

Such a personalised approach is all made possible by a flexible and secure technology platform based around industry-leading cloud technologies.

Podium365 Smart recruitment solutions - recruitment meeting


We build on a foundation of solid academic research. Our core assessments are based on the best scientifically validated psychometric models. We have tested and published our own implementations of these models in conferences and technical journals.

Customisation and Branding

Our platform was designed with both practitioners and test takers in mind. We tailor our assessment experience to fit the brand, culture and ethos of organisations in a way that nobody else can.


The Podium assessment system uses secure, industry-leading cloud infrastructure to deliver assessment experiences based on the latest web standards. Our goal: assessments anywhere, across a broad range of devices.

Data Security

The cloud infrastructure that hosts Podium is secure, robust, resilient, and compliant with stringent ISO/IEC 27001 data security standards. Podium has undergone independent security analysis and penetration testing, and welcomes further inspection by prospective clients.

Device Compatibility and Flexible Administration

Podium operates across all major modern browsers, operating systems, and suitable devices. Send invitations by email or administer under supervision directly through the Podium management interface.

Integration and Custom Applications

Whether it’s a third-party ATS or your own corporate application, we can use our extensive, secure API to fit seamlessly into your recruitment process.

Online Test User Training

Podium offer a range of online Test User Training courses (formerly BPA Level A&B) with regional/local tutor support available around the world. Check out our training store for details.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Contact us for more information about our assessments. Request a demo and join a growing number of organisations who want better outcomes delivered their way.

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