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psychometric assessments delivered on the best modern technology

purpose-built, secure, flexible, and easy to use.


Podium365 is a cloud-based platform for administering and reporting on a variety of assessments including psychometric and skill or behaviour based solutions. It has been purpose-built to be secure, flexible and easy to use. At Podium, we pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke solutions that fit client needs.

Podium365 uses the latest web technologies to make administering online assessments simple, fast, and easy. Security is core to Podium, and we comply with stringent standards adopted by governments and businesses worldwide.

Podium365 is designed to be fully branded to fit in with your organisation. It is customisable from beginning to end, allowing you to infuse your corporate identity into the management and assessment experience, right through to the reports you receive.

Podium365 is integrated with several third-party applicant tracking systems (ATSs) and third-party test providers. Use Podium365 your way.

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Request a demo

See these features for yourselves. Request a Podium demo and discuss your needs with one of our team. Let us know what you need and we'll tell you how we can create a custom solution.

What's important to you?

  • Safety and security of data.
  • Design that looks like us.
  • Relevant insights.
  • Ability to build on existing data.
  • Accessible test support.
  • Ability to customise applications.
  • Compatible across a broad range of devices.
  • Integration with HR systems.

Data Security

We put the security of our clients’ data before anything else. Our platform has undergone independent security analysis, including penetration testing by independent security experts.

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Customisation & branding

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Podium can be completely customised to provide an assessment experience that reflects your organisation's identity. We can provide themed login pages, e-mail templates, assessment design and reporting output. If you have a corporate design manual, send it to us and we’ll build it into your setup.

Flexible reporting

A key strength of Podium is its sophisticated reporting capability. Although we have an extensive range of existing reports, we believe clients should be able to choose exactly what goes into their reports. Any of our standard reports can be customised. If you prefer, send us one of your own reports and we’ll use it as a template.


Flexible assessments

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Our assessments are designed to complement each other. Each assessment we provide reaches the most accurate and efficient assessment standards for its type. You can combine two or more assessments for a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of individuals' capabilities and potential.

Flexible administration

If you want to invite 1 or 1 million participants to complete an assessment, we’ve got you covered. Send an invitation by email or administer under supervision directly through the Podium assessment system.


Custom applications

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If you have very specific requirements that are not available in the standard Podium system, we are able to build a custom application for you. Our team of experienced developers have built custom assessment applications for a range of clients in different industries.


If you don’t want to use Podium directly, you can still access our assessment experience through an integration. Whether it’s a third-party ATS or your own corporate application, we can use our secure API to fit seamlessly into your recruitment process. In addition, we are experienced in integrating with client identity servers to provide Single Sign On (SSO) access. This means you can login to Podium through your very own company login page.

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Device compatibility

Device compatibility

Podium operates across all major modern browsers and across all operating systems. It is compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile phones. As Podium has been designed to be HTML5 compatible, it can be accessed from any modern browser, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Android, Safari and Edge.

Third party integration

We have a growing number of integration partners across a range of applicant tracking systems and assessment providers.

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Request a demo

See these features for yourselves. Request a Podium demo and discuss your needs with one of our team. Let us know what you need and we'll tell you how we can create a custom solution.

Integrated with Podium365

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Talent App Store
talent app store
talent app store
talent app store
And more...
Contact us for more information and for the full list of Podium365 integrations.

Would you like to integrate with Podium365?

Contact us for a copy of our API documentation.

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